• We are offering the advanced solutions because we understand the complexities of voltage stabilization technology, and that is the success of our company.

    C.P.S  stabilizers protect the Electrical and Electronic equipments from any power fluctuation caused by the input mains supply.

    Today we are without doubt the unchallenged leader in voltage stabilizer techniques, with the outstanding reliability of our Canadian Power Systems  Servo-motor voltage regulators, we provide reliable AC & DC power to the world.

    We have built a leading and trusted brand in our industry, a brand that stands for high quality service, reliability and product innovation, and become global leader in developing technology that improves our customers' business processes.

    Sales Network: We deliver power solution for many customers over the world. In addition, our supply chain solutions capabilities are available to clients in all countries that reflect on our balance sheet giving us financial strength that few companies can match.

    Our CPS stabilizers offer you best quality and characteristics :

    - Wide Input Voltage Variation:  ,Excellent output voltage Accuracy, negligible Waveform Distortion  ,high Efficiency, fast Response time.
    - Three Phases Servo-Motor Automatic Voltage Stabilizer up to  6.000 KVA.
    - Single Phase Servo-Motor Automatic Voltage Stabilizer up to 120 KVA.

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